March 23, 2009

Boulodromes in France

"Street view" on Google Maps has been around in the US for a while. In France, Google started last summer, first with major parts of the Tour de France itinerary, followed by the large cities, Paris, Lyon, Marseille etc... More cities are added every month.
It would seem that the camera car driver who did Marseille and Aubagne wanted a more scenic drive on the way back and drove by Cassis, a wonderful town on the Mediterranean, famous for its excellent rosé wine.

I couldn't help but look for the local petanque club, right at the waterfront. Here it is, La Boule Calendal. For the tourists unfamiliar with petanque, the club sign has a warning: "Crossing may be dangerous".
Click on it. Crystal clear photo:

Must have been taken in the morning, because in the afternoon you will always find locals playing there, in the shade of the plane trees.

I'll keep looking for more.

Since I was "in the area" I also swung by Bernie Madoff's house in Antibes. Easy to find, in the French telephone directory. Under his wife's name, of course:

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