March 14, 2009

Boule Noire & Co.

Last night (or was it this morning?) I uploaded the complete range of Boule Noire and Okaro boules. They are not that well known outside of France but gaining in popularity.

We used to bring in Super Cou's years ago, and here they are again. With their unusual ridged surface. In France they call them micro stripes. Like finger prints, or an old vinyl record.

The Boule Noire ranges are limited (typical shooter boules), except for the top-of-the-line CX Cou that goes all the way from 650 to 800, and has the new # 3 pattern. Wall to wall squares.
Still, for the 8 different models together, there are a total of 1,166 possible combinations mm/gr/#.

Ton'r 110 is another classic: blue / grayish when they're new, like lead, and so soft that I have seen some that were hardly spherical after years of use. But pure shooters really don't care what their boules look like and if they still roll straight... They are made to fly.

Okaro Soleil has several fans on the West Coast. It is one of the few truly soft stainless boules.

Laboule Noire, Okaro & Ton'r

That's it for for today with the graphic cutting, pasting, cropping and resizing, as well as the brightness, gamma, contrast, hue and sharpening buttons. One day we'll start selling baseballs: one size, one color, one weight, a dozen a box.

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Nick M. said...

Received my set of Okaro Soleil - just beautiful. The balance and the softness are amazing. Well worth the investment.