January 11, 2009

Petanque in Coral Springs, FL

Here's a great example of a location that screams for petanque. An old bocce court, smack in the middle of a populated neighborhood.

José, a regular player at Boca 2000, discovered it by accident when invited to a picnic in the park. Since he lives close by, he'd love to meet other players and/or teach beginners in the area.
Contact him at: nmbjoe (at) yahoo.com

The court looks a bit run down for bocce, but isn't that exactly how we like it? And look at those shade trees!
Thanks, José, for the tip. I have also marked it on the Petanque in the USA map. It cannot be stressed enough that players without a meeting place are - as they say in Belgium - like a bar without beer.

I'd love to put more and more spots like these on the map, even if today there is nobody playing. Shoot!


Juan said...

We have to meet there one Day Jose.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link...

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