January 24, 2009

Petanque America Open 2009 ?

2003 .. 2005.. how about another one in 2009?

This past weekend I drove down to Florida to scout for a nice location for this years' event, around mid-November.

I think Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, the northernmost beach resort on Florida's Atlantic coast would be ideal.
Home of the antique cars Concours d'Elégance, the hugely popular Shrimp Festival, and numerous large golf and tennis events it seems to have what we need.

Jacksonville airport (JAX) is a 30 min. easy drive, with reasonable shuttle fares.
Once in the historic downtown, very easy to get around.
Plenty of accommodations, for all budgets. Including affordable beach cottage rentals.
Lots of charming restaurants & bars, many with live music. Again for all tastes and budgets.
Miles of unspoiled beaches and other activities for those who don't come to play.
Mild weather in November.

Amazingly enough, even many Floridians are not familiar with Amelia Island, though they've driven past it many a time on I-95.

We'd love to get some feedback (either comment below or email) as to how that sounds to you.
Format: doubles, starting Saturday morning with finals by Sunday afternoon.
Of course, cash prizes and a nice party on Sunday night.
With the favorable US$ exchange and 9 months notice, it is highly likely several overseas teams will join in.


Anonymous said...


I'm in! And I'll give my members a big PUSH to go as well.

Jeff Widen
-Detroit Petanque Club

La Petanque Mariniere said...

i'll be there!

la pétanque marinière

Mark said...

Excellent idea, Philippe. I'm sure we can get some Boule-Batraciens to come down I-95.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Philippe, you can count on many guys from New York to come and compete.
We'll spread the word as soon as you tell us to!

Barbara Hall said...

This is a great idea Philippe. I'm sure the "usual suspects" from Sonoma will make the trip to Amelia Island -- count me in!!
Barbara (Sonoma, CA)

Anonymous said...

Nice choice Philippe! And Barbara(above) is right about the usual suspects probably making the trip... Erin (Sonoma, CA)
p.s. My middle name is Amelia. Think it will bring me luck?

Anonymous said...

Super idée Philippe je serais là si dieu veut.
Je profite de l'occasion pour faire une bise à Erin et Barbara.
Roger Arpaïa

Anonymous said...

Hi Philippe, of course this is a great idea and You can tell that I already spread the WORD!


PS: Count on Me.

Anonymous said...

Mamamamamary, It's always great to get to gethere, let's go for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm down for fun:)


Ziggy said...

Chicago Petanque
Sounds great to me. I will show up

New York Petanque Club said...

Bravo Philippe,
A great initiative that desserves the support from all petanque players.
New York Petanque Club will be there in force. Challenge anyone???

May 14, 2009 9:19 PM

Petanque America said...

Got this note today from Stephen in San Antonio, TX:

I've made my plane reservation and I will be rallying the rest of the troops here in San Antonio.

Anonymous said...


When you go down there, don't forget to bring my set of boules to give back to me!

Jeff W.
-Detroit Petanque