August 26, 2008

Stop staring!

A classic scene from the 1978 comedy "Je suis timide, mais je me soigne", where Robert Castel makes a stink about Pierre Richard watching him when he's ready to shoot. In the eyes, to boot.
"He breaks my arm" he claims. Even after they ask the guy to move away. It goes from bad to worse: at the end he cannot even stand ànybody watching him. And misses every shot.
As usual with Provençal players, even if you don't understand the words, body language and volume are more than adequate to catch the drift.

At one stage a player remarks that Castel will suffer a "nervooze brêkdown", and that there's 400,000 at stake. Even in "anciens francs" not a negligible amount!

Pierre Richard - meanwhile 74 and still very active - will appear later this year in "King Guillaume", a comedy about William the Conqueror.

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