August 24, 2008

The Known World Pétanque Championship

Summer is the time for Renaissance festivals all across the country. In most of these, the public watches costumed actors performing.

But in events organized by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), public and actors are one and the same: from bakers to barbers, from keg makers to Kings. And warriors that fight it out at the annual Pennsic wars at Coopers Lake near Pittsburgh, early August.

Now, what's the link with pétanque?
Every year one of the households of the East Kingdom, Le Rieur Sanglier (from Québec) hosts a pétanque tournament. After all, the game of boules is century-old, so it fits right in. And teams like "Medieval Beaver", "Grey Beard's" and "Chalkman" (the winners) go at it all day.

2008 Tournament report with pics

Thanks to Bill for the story!

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