July 25, 2008

Petanque on Google Maps

An interesting discovery this morning: if you go to Google Maps and click on "Popular user-created maps" (or click on the image in this post) you get a list - ranging from Billy Joel to Nascar tracks to Apple stores and - surprise - Petanque in the USA.

In reality it is not so surprising. I spend hours every day on the phone with players and potential players across the country. The question "Where can I find other players?" ranks way up there, together with "Which boules should I get?" and the # 1 classic "What's the difference between bocce and petanque?".

Let's keep the map high on the list, so more people find it, and the number of spots keeps growing. We're at close to 100 markers, and there are some nice new ones every month. Like Albion CA, Chester CT, and soon Eastlake in Seattle.

Hence an appeal to all petanque webmasters: please put it somewhere on your site with a link , like Petanque Marinière did recently. Thanks, on behalf of all the new aficionados.

1 comment:

Adrian Buehler said...

Excellent use of Google Maps!
Link is up on Aoyama Petanque.