July 9, 2008

Petanque in Colorado Springs

My friend Arsene Dupin has done one of his magic tricks again:

I have been in Colorado Springs doing shows at the Colorado Renaissance Festival but nowhere to play pétanque and nobody to play with. So I had an idea to call several French restaurants in town to see if they were really French and did play some pétanque. One of them - La Petite Maison - was very friendly on the phone. Owner Henry Chaperon is from Paris, I asked him if he plays and he said "Of course, when I was young, so come to visit and have dinner with us and we can talk about making a court".
Well in the back of his patio he has a large garden that wasn't maintained but he decided that was the right thing to do to: lay out a pétanque court and have a place where people can get together in a French restaurant and have a great game of pétanque So after a full day of digging and shoveling we had a court. So now Colorado Springs is on the map: come have a meal, a pastis, and play pétanque at La Petite Maison.
Oh by the way I had the opportunity to test the menu THE BEST. Henry has a
Bastille Day Celebration on Saturday.
So: if you built it they will come!
A+ Arsene. I am sending the before and after pictures.

A true story. They discussed it last night over dinner and called me. They worked on it all day today. And we shipped the boules this afternoon so they have plenty for the Bastille Day party.
Vive Arsène & Henry !!

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Gary and Shirley said...

Looks like Arsene's flair for performing magic carries over into his everday life as well. You should see the "magic" he can do with a boule! Shirley and I lost so many games against his teams when we were in Texas that he had to be a magician to keep us coming back for more.

Gary & Shirley Jones