July 8, 2008

Marseillaise LIVE

It's a heavy feed, so if you have a choice between a direct cable link and WiFi, use the direct link.
9:10am EST: the loop video says "Back at 14:30". Remember, clocks in Marseille run kind a slow, and lunches are kind a long. That's why it's a fun city!
Tip: minimize the screen, leave the sound on low, and you'll hear when they start talking.
9:30am EST: here we go, for one of the 16th finals. The Madagascar team vs Passo & Co. Promises to be a great game!!
11:30am EST: that's it for today. Live feed starts again on Wednesday morning 4:00am EST

(we disconnected it because it crashed the blog for Mac users)

Update 9/10: all broadcasts can be seen here.


Adrian said...

What a heavy feed indeed. Is there anybody out there who gets to enjoy this video stream well? On my system, high-end Mac on a fast DSL connection, it always slows down to a crawl after the initial buffering runs out.

Anonymous said...

When I watch it on Windows, with a direct cable connection it works quite well. On WiFi it stutters.

Anonymous said...

.. the court surface looks purple though :-)