June 4, 2008

Petanque in Puerto Rico

Delphine in Puerto Real, on the east coast of Puerto Rico, wanted a set of boules for her (French) Dad. Now they're playing together several nights a week, converting one neighbor at a time.

Isn't it great when you just have to cross the street to play?
And we are so happy it cost only $9.80 to get 13 lbs of balls all the way over there. By Priority Mail, in less than a week.
We hope it's the beginning of a PRPC !


Anonymous said...

HI! I am desperately looking for Petanque boules set to ship to Puerto Rico. I am from Fajardo too... PLEASE where did you buy them? Merci beaucoup!

Anonymous said...

Petanque America ships to Puerto Rico. Priority Mail flat rate is now $11.95 - up to 12 boules.

Anonymous said...

Where and when are you playing in Fajardo. I am from Yabucoa.