June 24, 2008

Petanque in Fort Bragg, CA

Pete and a bunch of friends are on a roll in the Northwestern part of California. They started on a baseball field in town, until they discovered a neat area on the waterfront, alongside the Noyo river and next to the crab pots. Players come from all along the Mendocino coastline.
Here you see several having a good time on one of their Sunday meets, and an up close of the ideal playing surface they found: it looks like a mix of crushed shells and twigs.
I hear the folks from Willits Boules Club are ready to drive to the waterfront any day now for a match!

PS: I like the proximity of the Bud Light sign!

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Anonymous said...


As one of the Fort Bragg players, wanted to let you know you're correct - the surface is crushed sea urchin shells - but the stick looking things are actually the pointy spines of the sea urchins.