June 17, 2008

Carolina Petanque on Fox News

The first Carolina Open was an occasion for WGHP to come out and do a special report for the evening news that aired last night. Very well done. Of course it helps to have eloquent pétanque "ambassadors" like Carol & Bob!

French game petanque hits the Piedmont (2:30 min)


mf said...

Good story. Love seeing Khalid. I'm sorry I didn't make it down there.

And it's true. I like to describe petanque as being like horseshoe. A tossing game, not a bowling game.


Anonymous said...

this is the best report i've ever seen. they show people of different ages and skills, explain it in simple terms and that lady is right: it's cheap!
bill in florida

Anonymous said...

Nice piece. Well done. It just about says it all about what makes the game so appealing.

From his expression, it looked like Mamary had one of his rare misses. (I was not so lucky in Sarasota last April!)

Anytime that petanque gets media exposure, it's a good thing.

Ed Porto