May 26, 2008

World Record reports

Jeff's full Monday morning report with tons of pictures & video

From my side, I'd like to pay a special tribute to (15 yr old) computer whiz David, who set up and managed to keep the live video feed running against all odds, so people from all over the world (me included) could watch, and - lots of fun too - chat. Family of several players as well as petanque enthusiasts.

Suddenly Adrian from Aoyama Petanque in Japan "walked in":

Very early Sunday I called my friend Jac of, who posted it immediately, and there came a wave of French visitors:

The chat room turned into a worldwide "Petanque Sports Bar", minus the booze.
Thanks David!

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David Reed said...

If Anyone would ever like a website, send me a E-mail and we can get it worked out.

If you say your with Petanque, there might be a discount ;)

Thank You,
David Reed
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