May 21, 2008

Carolina Open (2)

It was a success from all angles: the setting, the weather, the excellent organization by Gary (with the usual solid support from Shirley and friends) and most important a bunch of wonderful people.
Twelve players from out of state (some drove for 4, 6, even 8 hours) and 24 from all over North Carolina. A lot of phone numbers were exchanged. And plans for more petanque get togethers are already in the making.

But there's nothing that says it better than pictures:

Carolina Open slideshow & video (7 min. with sound)

If you have a choice of browsers, use IE - it loads faster.
To get out of the slideshow, just move your mouse and click X.
All pics are hi-res, and you are welcome to copy them.

More pics are coming in so the slideshow keeps changing. Already many thanks to Francois & Shirley.

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