May 10, 2008

Boulodr' homes (1)

Wine country inspired me to coin a new term for 'home courts': a mix of 'boulodrome' - the usual French term for a boules terrain in the village (as in hippodrome, vélodrome & aérodrome), and 'home'. Makes sense?

Let's start with Peggy & Davids', built on what was once a useless slope in their backyard. Useless no more!

They also have a beautiful collection of old "boules cloutées". Whenever I see those, I realize that the old custom of putting big numbers on them was actually quite convenient. If you knew how many times a day I need to explain what the "2" means in e.g. 74 / 700 / 2!

We're inviting everyone with a boulodr'home to send us some high resolution pictures. So one day we can make a coffee table book called "Boulodr'homes in America".

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