April 20, 2008

Petanque in Palm Desert

Of course I had to visit Gérard & his group in Palm Desert, about 125 mi east of L.A.
After a 2 hr drive through a pretty dry and barren landscape, with thousands of windmills, you arrive in a tropical, green setting, where water seems to be plentiful.

The grounds at Civic Center Park are somewhat unpredictable (sprinklers and concrete gutters here and there) , but nicely varied from soft to hard, and with lots of shade, tables and benches.

Several of their members are chefs, so you can rest assured that their picnics are always top of the line. They were at work when I stopped by, but I got to meet them at the San Pedro Open.
I found a new nickname for Gérard: CanaBOUM, because he misses few shots. And if William (from Hyères) is in charge of the picnic, they'll have to rename the club "La Boule du Dessert".

The club is only 5 yrs old, but growing fast and they are talking to the parks department to have a larger, dedicated area.
Thanks for the warm welcome!

La Boule du Désert website

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