March 7, 2008

Winter training

Talk about dedication.
Oshrat & Sadie, with moral support from Nadège, were warming up for the season at Pit Stop in Brooklyn this weekend.

Actually, they hardly stopped this winter. The 3 dark pictures are from November, in Esperance (how appropriate) - in upstate NY - at 18° below zero.
"We call it HOBO petanque because we have to layer up using random clothes...and warm our hands...and our boules... by the fire :)" .
Trust me, they'll be dressed very differently at the Bar Tabac tournament - on Sunday July 13 this year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those New York Petanque Women!! No one crawls out of their caves here in Iowa during the winter! Love those HATS!! Where can I find one??