March 2, 2008

BIG news in Fresno

Back to the West Coast, where Tim & friends of Fresno Petanque Club are unstoppable.
Thanks to their efforts the Fresno Parks Department made an official announcement that Cary Park (picture) may well become the home of the largest petanque terrain in the US, accommodating 32 concurrent games.
More details and other news in the...
Fresno Petanque February Newsletter

FPC now also has a website, with play times, locations and a contact which - we cannot repeat it enough - are essential for every club or group to make public, and keep up-to-date.
Kudos to Fresno.

Higher up, in Petaluma, CA there has also been a breakthrough with the Parks Department having given the final approval for a public terrain. It's been a long time coming but Dave & Co's patience and diplomatic talents have prevailed.

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