February 26, 2008

Petanque world record attempt

Our friends in Detroit are getting ready to beat the existing World Record, on May 23-25. More info to follow shortly on ...


There's not much history on the internet on the 2006 German record (40.5 hrs).
Petanque.org has this report on the Australian record in 2005 (27.5 hrs).

While searching I came across this bizarre video clip of 2001. A record of seven consecutive hits? Most participants at any shooting competition to speak of could easily beat that, don't you think? Without the antics maybe.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second, where in the rules does it say you have to catch the boule on the back of your neck first?!

Anonymous said...

Without question, the most bizarre video on the internet. Seriosly....WTF??!!

Anonymous said...

Guinness Book stipulated that in order for the World Record of 40 hours and 9 minutes to be broken, the players must all balance boules on their necks before each throw.

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! 650gr. of steel or more landing on the back of the ncck,