November 18, 2007

Vanity plates drive

After driving around for years with our bumper sticker, I thought it was time for something more original....

Most likely the DMV people looked it up to make sure it wasn't a bad word.

Coincidence, the same day I received it there were a lot articles in the press about the vanity plate phenomenon. 9.3 mio cars now have vanity plates, or 3.83 % of a total fleet of 243 mio.
Virginia (where they cost only $10) ranks first in the nation, followed by New Hampshire and Illinois.

How about getting the first (and de facto only) "petanque" plate in your state?
To offset the DMV charge, and to help explain to your significant other or neighbors that you have not become deranged, we will give you a
$ 75 discount on your next order (of min. $75). And of course your plate will appear on this blog as - why not - another salute to Petanque 100.

AAMVA - Press release
Cool licence plates!
AP article about personalized plates
Wikipedia on vanity plates

Bad luck -- apparently most states allow only 7 letters. In those cases, how about "PETANQE"?

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