November 16, 2007

Carolina Petanque

And ... speaking of North Carolina, some more news!
On October 21, nine of us decided to start Carolina Petanque, a club that will have multiple "home" bases throughout the Carolinas and sponsor gatherings at each location on a rotating basis.

Incidentally, Super Mario was visiting from Florida and witnessed the founding meeting, which took around 5 minutes. But the idea had been brewing for months so there was no need for lengthy discussions. There was however need for brew and for another game, in which Mario got his butt kicked for the first time on Carolina soil.

Whether it was his sudden appointment as president, or the tension of the last game, Bob - whom many of you met at the NY Open - had to have his arteries urgently checked the next day (as in "stent") . And Gary left the same day, so our flying start slowed down a bit.
But since then Bob is playing again, the blog is up thanks to Gary, and François of Chapel Hill became member # 10! And next week I will be in Charleston to meet with Louis and his die-hard players.

Carolina Petanque Blog


Anonymous said...

I met Bob and his Son in NY. Great People, I hope I meet them again in the near future, they sure gave us a good scare on the last game of day one (You know who we are)
Mario needs a haircut. Bad.

Anonymous said...

Mario with a mullet!

Anonymous said...

Hey! long hair is popular in Miami :D plus girls like it SUPERMARIO