October 5, 2007

NY Open - a success

What a dream: to play in bright sunshine, in the heart of Manhattan, two days in a row.

High level play it was, followed by an excellent dinner at Meli-Melo, where Isabelle Zuber (who flew in for the weekend from France) entertained us with a Piaf song and the Petanque 100 song that she composed and sang in La Ciotat.

The usual medals were complemented by an array of nice prizes from several generous donors.
Hats off to La Boule NY for the organization.

The 4 top teams:
1. Hery & Xavier (New York)
2. Mo & Juan (Philadelphia & Miami)
3. Yacob & Loi (Montreal & Philadelphia)
4. Mark & Mia (Blue Hill, Maine)

Slideshow (3 min with sound)

More results on LabouleNY.com
More photos on the FPUSA blog
Brooklyn Boule movie!

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