September 14, 2007

Labyrinth boules

Not all the boules we ship end up on a 'boulodrome'.

We all remember the labyrinth:
a challenge for your hand-eye coordination. In a way the predecessor of numerous video games, without the need for electricity.

Kerry Veenstra, always looking for novel creations, wanted to make a table size version of this old favorite, to be displayed at the annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada. And thus needed big balls. Hollow, obviously, if not they would be way too heavy. And well calibrated, so they would roll straight.

So we supplied him stainless steel Obut pétanque boules, without any markings, that look exactly like a big brother of the originals.

Here's the result:

Anyone wants to make a big pinball machine? Call us!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have any customers asked you to supply boules for giant Japanese Pachinko games?

Jeff W.