August 1, 2007

Petanque in Toledo, OH

An extensive, well researched article about pétanque in The Toledo Blade of today.

Petanque: Bocce with a French accent

With interviews, a graphic explanation of the game, and a slideshow with beautiful photos.
I don't think they'd appreciate us copying those, so below are other pictures of this small but passionate pétanque group. They were enthusiastic participants in our Petanque 100 project.
Thanks very much to Liliane, Pierre and their friends. If it wasn't for your playing regularly in a public place, most likely the newspaper would have never found out about you and there would have been no article!
How about a Toledo delegation at the Detroit Open?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Indeed! a Toledo Petanque Group for the Hard Rock Detroit DOubles Tournament would be ideal!

Anyone from that group, please contact me, it'll be tons of fun:
(734) 771-0924