August 8, 2007

Petanque in Dry Creek Valley, CA

For many years we have shipped boules to Healdsburg, to the point where I almost know the ZIP codes by heart! Lovely people to talk to, yet I didn't know the full story behind this active, jovial group.

Until Peggy Matsuda sent us this report today:

Healdsburg, CA - Big Boules of Dry Creek Petanque League held their annual Boys vs Girls match on Bastille Day this last July 14th at the Ross and Gillian Stromberg residence and winery. Girls bested the Boys in two sets. As usual, this fun loving club enjoyed the play and excellent wine country weather with food and wine at a spectacular private vineyard venue. Highlights of the day were photographed by member, Mary Caldwell.

The club is currently in the last matches of the elimination that lead up to the Final Championship match which will be played this year on September 30th where the winning couple takes the coveted crystal trophy, the yellow vests and bragging rights. Current champs, Bob and Marcia Fosberg, acted as Boys and Girls team captains respectively for this year's gender face-off.

Big Boules was started by Jack Linkletter (son of Art and long time Dry Creek resident) back in 1999 with 16 couples competing that first year in the vineyards of the Dry Creek Valley of Healdsburg, California. The club has grown to 32 couples, over 17 private courts among club members with more courts under construction and an ever growing waiting list for new members interested in joining.

On the top picture the winners (they look better than the loosing team), but if you want to see "the boys", click on this collage that shows how much fun was had that day! Including appropriate outfits for the occasion.
What a wonderful idea.

More about Dry Creek Valley wines.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Gerry & Diane Pasterick for opening their new petanque court at their beautiful winery on West Dry Creek Road!
Ann & Chris Moen