August 24, 2007

Hard Rock Open in Detroit

Update Aug 10
Date changed to Saturday Aug 25

An open doubles tournament on Sunday August 26 Saturday Aug 25, in Cadillac Square.
See y'all there!!

Tournament details and registration

Cadillac Square in downtown Detroit has been completely re-designed with crushed stone (as in "hard rock") walkways that double perfectly as pétanque terrains.
More pictures here

Hard Rock Café Detroit


Anonymous said...

Thanks Philippe, yes, friends, it is going to be great to see you all in Detroit. We have two main areas where the club plays daily games - Campus Martius Park which has an ice skating rink on the central green in winter time, and a huge Christmas tree lighting ceremony atop what is the computerized fountain in Summertime. On Friday nights, a giant screen is inflated and everyone can freely watch movies outdoors. Au Bon Pain; Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream; Border Books; and the Hard Rock Cafe are all within 200 feet of the park (if not closer).

Cadillac Square used to be (back in the 1920's) a huge area for Union congregations - and is now been transformed into a beautiful, open space bordered by annuals and more important for our specific needs, laid out with gravel pathways perfect for petanque games.

I hope to see you in our hometown in August for the tournament - and if you can't make it, you're welcome anytime!

Anonymous said...

Detroit sure has changed since I was there as a young adult. Your planned tournament looks like it'll be brilliant fun. I'm going to give it a go and sign up. See you there!

R. Gallant