July 21, 2007

Bar Tabac, the finals and celebration

Here are the winners of the tournament, team Franck-Lahouari- Jeannot (La Boule NY), who beat team Mo-Loi-Héry (NY & Philly) 11/5 during the rainy final game.

But rain didn't spoil the end of a long , hot day. It was time to party!

Photo Album (40 pics)
Slideshow, with music (2:00 min.)

Incidentally, a lot of those players are right now (July 21) competing in Portland, OR to decide which team will represent the USA at the World Cup in Dakar, Senegal in September 2008. By now they have probably recovered from that weekend long petanque fest in NY.


Anonymous said...

Another great slide show! Philippe, you should call up Stepen Spielberg and let him know your talents!

-Detroit Petanque Club

philippe said...

Thanks, Jeff!
It takes time but just to see all those cheerful faces again makes it worth it.

Jeff said...

It really great to watch the photo's of a terrific avent. I must get a team for next year.