June 27, 2007

Petanque in public parks

It is amazing how - the same day - the same game can be hailed as a welcome addition in one city:

Petanque Brings International Excitement To Brooks Park
(that's Harwich, CT)

while facing (temporary?) opposition in another one ...
Let petanque be played at Oak Hill
(that's Petaluma, Ca)

All I can say is that, wherever I know there's a public petanque play area, it has turned into a quiet, friendly spot for folks to meet, compete, and enjoy each others' company - as in the above typical picture of Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

For petanque groups who are talking to Parks Departments and who'd like a simple presentation of the game, feel free to use this document - with many pictures - for starters:

Petanque in Public Parks.pdf (2.2Mb PDF file)

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