June 13, 2007

More from Philly

A little clip to show what happens when a city replaces grass with gravel! See also June 11.
Watch the little boy clapping in the background. He comes almost every evening and loves it when Mo & Loi shoot out each others' boules.

A good thing the Philadelphia streetcar doesn't pass by there...


Jeppy said...

Love that strong boule hit Mamary! You Philly guys are a powerful group.

-Detroit Petanque Club

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that because of Philippe working at Petanque America I found your club. I am a phile boy living in France and playing in FFPJP league of Petanque I have had the chance to play against some big pro's Dylan Rocher and his father Loosing 13 to 4 but it's not easy also Jullin lemour. So keep up your good work I'm fighting over here for a Philly possition.
Tom from Langhorne