June 3, 2007

Midwest Open - Chicago, June 2

The smiles speak for themselves.
It was a tremendous success: 21 doubles teams (from IL, KY, MI, NY, & PA) received a warm welcome from the Chicago Pétanque Club. The play level was tops, the atmosphere cheerful and a lot of new friendships were made.
Kudos to Dan and his army of volunteers who had prepared everything in detail.

More pictures tomorrow, but here already the winning teams at the prize awards at Cyrano's Restaurant.
From L to R:
3rd: Blake & Armin (Chicago) - 2nd: Ziggy & Robert (Chicago)
1st: Xavier & Gilles (NY)

Here you can see the choice location of the tournament itself, and also the spot where some of us continued playing on Sunday morning.


Jeff said...

Well done Dan, it was good to see you and Bob at the end of the photo.
I hope you played well on the day


Jeppy said...


Great photograph from the plane! Sorry we had to leave after 5 games - but we went to Chinatown for lunch and then took the rainy drive back to Detroit. We will have to meet up again soon so we can finish that match we started.

Jeff Widen