May 18, 2007

Petanque in Toronto

Some people definitely have their priorities straight!
David recently moved from Guernsey to Canada and the first thing he did was to build a terrain in his backyard.

Here are 4 pictures I took during construction of my petanque terrain. It is about 12 x 2.7 metres (I would liked to have gone wider but lackthe space). I used a mechanical tamper to compress the lower layer of limestone tailings, (about 5 inches depth on top of a plastic weed control membrane). Then I tamped another two inches of fine limestone dust, and added a light loose dusting on top.

I will have to dig the end gutters out a bit so that they contain long out-of-bounds boule - an idea I incorporated after seeing an Italian Hotel bocci terrain with similar end gutters.

I used 6 x 6 pressure treated lumber to contain the whole thing. There are 3 layers on the low side of the grade (towards the ravine and the apple trees) and the low side also has pieces of 6 x 6 extending under the terrain to form a crib so hopefully the whole thing will stay in place for many years to come.

The uprights are for floodlighting (all properly cased in conduit and all external "wet environment" wire, junction boxes etc), and the tops of the floodlight posts (about 4'9") are just perfect for your beer!

This is the third terrain I have built over the years but I find that the longer I play, the more I need to learn and practice!

I look forward to Christening the new terrain just as soon as your boules arrive. My other boules will remain in Europe so there is room in my suitcase for normal peoples stuff!

David also volunteers to advise anyone in Canada who wants to build a terrain or start a group.
Let us know, and we'll give you his phone #.


Jeppy said...

Wow, it looks great! And the third one you've built? You're quite industrious...

My wife and I were just in Toronto too, next time we visit, we'll be sure to connect with you and the rest of the TORONTO PETANQUE CLUB.

Jeff Widen

Jeff said...

Hi, glad to see you are building a piste in Toronto now...we where only there last year before we went on the to Mid West open. My wife has family in Leamington, Ont. so we visit frequently. We met alot of your Guernsey pals at the Jersey open a couple of weeks ago. Also we had a social in Guernsey a few years ago.
all the best for your time in Canada

Jeff said...

just to say that This is Jeff in England, not Jeff from Detroit

Jeff Fox,

Peter Galton said...

Good to see some Petanque in Canada out side of Quebec. Petanque must be played else where in Canada.
Peter Galton, Southampton City Petanque. England UK.

Toronto Pétanque said...

Nice piste!
There is an open pétanque circle on the Toronto lakeshore now at Sunnyside, beside the Palais Royale. Play on Sunday afternoons. See the "Toronto Pétanque" Facebook page.