May 24, 2007

Petanque in McAllen, TX

Some time ago we got an order in from Jerry, a "winter Texan" in Mission, TX who'd just discovered pétanque and was looking for an adequate place to play. Unlike many RV parks, all the roads in his are completely asphalted. Great for skateboarding (which he doesn't), lousy for pétanque.

A week later Gerald, a more experienced player from McAllen, TX called with some technical questions about terrains. With Google maps it took just seconds, while on the phone, to realize that those two could get together, and here is the result.
They met on a jogging trail in one of McAllen's public parks. Excellent surface, some bystanders asking questions - even joining in - and, judging by the smiles, everyone having a good time.

Thanks to Gerald for sharing his game experience, and to Jerry (meanwhile back up North, still spreading the word) for the photos.

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