May 4, 2007

Petanque in Chapel Hill, NC

"The Inn at Bingham School", a historic B&B just west of Raleigh has had a petanque court for years.
But they wanted a second one to host bigger gatherings in spring & summmer.
Francois just sent us these pictures of the different construction stages. The whole family got involved.

People who stay at B&B's are usually the unhurried type. What better way to relax than tossing boules next to a 200 yr old Carolina country mansion?

I love the old fashioned string lights all around, and hope we'll soon get a "petanque by night" view! Better yet, I'll go take the pictures myself!

Update - May 10:
I did!
Wonderful place, great folks.
Excellent place for a pétanque party.

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Anonymous said...

Impressive. I also like the string lights... they're so.. classically petanque old-world.

Jeff Widen
-Detroit Petanque Club