May 2, 2007

Medals available

Many clubs have asked us many times.
We now have them.

Unfortunately, since the supplier was unable to tell us the weight up front, and shipped UPS Express, they cost us their weight in gold, so to speak.
We'll have to sell a loooooot of them before that freight bill is amortized, if ever ...
But they look very nice.

Unlike the ones they shipped us by mistake.

Wrong ball game!!


Anonymous said...

Those medals are VERY nice. I also took a peek at your Medal/Trophy section on the website, and the trophys look great! Finally, a petanque trophy which doesn't also look like a Bocce trophy. Very cool.

Question: are the trophys a metal or a plastic?

Jeff Widen
Detroit Petanque Club

philippe said...

Jeff -
Some are brass, some are painted resin.
We'll upload them one by one.