June 20, 2007

Madagascar Open at Bryant Park, NY

A few times a year La Boule NY organizes open tournaments, i.e. open to the general public. They are a great opportunity to play against folks of all levels and learn.
Don't be timid!!
Petanque players are always willing to share their experience and teach tactical moves. At least until your score get too close for comfort ...

The next one is the Madagascar Open, on Sunday June 24, to celebrate the friendship of La Boule NY with the Malagasy community, of which several are among their top players.
Bryant Park is central and the perfect location for such a tournament.
All you have to do is:
- get a teammate
- show up latest by 9:30 am with your 3 boules.


tdfinearts said...


What is "Select Doubles"? Is it your chosen partner, a randomly picked partner or a partner compatable to your playing skills?

Thank you

philippe said...

It means your chosen partner.
As opposed to a random partner (aka mêlée).