May 2, 2007

Beginner training in Sonoma

For the last couple of years VOMPC in Sonoma has been giving free initiation classes to beginners, in the spring. At the end of the cycle, a tournament is held where each team consists of a club member and a pupil.
An excellent initiative. Obviously some of the beginners join the club, and those who don't have at least had a good time, now know the game, and who knows will take it up later.
Here you see instructors John Bouldt and John Byrne. And they bring out a video camera to study the players' swing and position and correct where necessary.
Any club who doesn't do this as yet should talk to Dwayne Reed at VOMPC, the man behind the scenes (and the camera!).

The gentleman with the white cap below (left pic) joined VOMPC on his 91st birthday!!

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