May 2, 2007

Aiken Tournament

Blogging has been light due to traveling, but we'll catch up!

Sat April 21:

Citizens Park in Aiken, a beautiful town NE of Augusta, GA.
A few less teams than the Atomic Boule Club had expected (due to the fact that some of their French members had to go and vote at the French Consulate in Atlanta) but the playing level of the 11 teams was very good, and we had fun.
The littles ones played on the side, and later on made nice drawings for the winners.
Thanks to Pierre & Co for their warm welcome!

The club is talking to the City and it would seem they will soon get permanent courts in Odell Weeks Park, to be used both by the bocce club and the petanque club. Thumbs up!

A few souvenirs:

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