March 1, 2007

Petanque in Lutz, FL

We've mentioned it earlier, nudist resorts are one of the fastest growing petanque segments across the country.
Many nudists are also avid travelers, so they spread the word from the Southern states in winter to the Northern states in the summer.
For obvious reasons, no pics of people playing, but look at the awesome courts. These are at Lake Como.
And we get friendly notes, like this one today:

Hi there,
I just wanted to thank you for always being so diligent as far as fulfilling our orders and also for your promotion of petanque. Your products are excellent, as is your service. I run tournaments here at Lake Como in Florida, as well as our camp up in Michigan. We have 5 tourneys up there, plus 2 open tourneys here and a "member's only' one where you get your name on a plaque that stays on site. We return prize money 100 %, furnish food at a very moderate charge, and have a 50/50 drawing that takes care of the food. Our last two tournaments had 48 and 54 participants, respectively. Both sites are nudist, but of course we do go along with the weather and wear what we must and try to stay away from the doctor.
We encourage both petanque and nudity, and love for new people to try the game. We furnish all you need (petanque balls, etc.). All you need/don't need is clothes! WE LOVE THE GAME, AND WANT OTHERS TO EXPERIENCE IT!!!
I'm attaching copies of our courts. (Pictures of people are not allowed at most nudist resorts).
This is probably approaching 10 times I've ordered from you, with no problems, great communication, and super service. Thnx DLM


Anonymous said...

I tried incorporating nudity with petanque at my club (up here in Michigan) but received some odd looks from my fellow club members. What's the secret?

Joe Zajac
-Michigan Petanque Club

Anonymous said...

well Michigan IN FEB/MARCH it is frickring cold dude u need to come down to Florida.