February 24, 2007

Teaching petanque to groups

We all know that petanque is very easy to learn. But when you have a group of people who have never played before and limited time, it helps to follow a few simple guidelines.

Here's a link to a one page tip sheet of some of the things I learned over the years. Whether it's adults or kids, they always want to play right away, and ask the same questions over and over.
The key is to keep it simple, make it fun and - indeed - play right away.

Teaching to groups & beginners


Anonymous said...

Thanks Philippe. I know that I've been in many situations where I've had a group of "newbies" to petanque ready to play ad I had to proceed with this in mind.

Your tip sheet will be handy.

I especially like the comment to say after the first boule toss...
Jeff W.

kantds106@yahoo.com said...

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