January 26, 2007

Petanque in New York

A beautiful 6-page article appeared this month in Provence Magazine, a sort of "House & Garden" dedicated to Provence. Their team flew in from France last June and hung out for a week with our friends of La Boule NY, just when they were having their annual Madagascar Open Tournament.

Besides excellent shots like the above, some interviews with the variety of members of the club, the story of Alfred Levitt , the pioneer of pétanque in this country, and a list of places to go.

Now, if only House & Garden would do the same!

We've said it before, Bryant Park is the example we hope many cities will follow. Some park designers like to create a pretty place to look at, with things like fountains, sculptures and intricate paved walkways, forgetting that people like to come to a park if they can do stuff.

The simple fact that, instead of pavers, the folks of Bryant Park opted for crushed stone walkways has allowed La Boule NY to hold tournaments and teach classes there. Yet 99 % of the time, the walkways can be used by anyone.

By the way, we are working with La Boule NY on the idea of having a Petanque Weekend in NY on July 13, 14 & 15 - in honor of the 100 th anniversary of petanque. Three tournaments, one each day in a different location. One of course being the Brooklyn Bastille Day tournament on July 15, now in its 6th edition. More about it as things develop.


Anonymous said...

This Bastille Day weekend is a M-U-S-T!!!! If you want FUN petanque, this is the time and place to take advantage! Meet new friends, meet new competitors, have some fun in the best city in the world (David Letterman's opener! ;-) I hope I see more of everyone this summer than last! Feel free to email me if you need info on playing or logistics on travel planning. I'm "over the top" on promoting how fun this trip is!


Anonymous said...

any idea if there are going to be the usual competitions on macdougal st sponsored by vueve cliquot and the restaurants on the st. if so who is a contact for entering a team/teams???

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