January 2, 2007

Bocce, boules & petanque

The Turkish Petanque Federation has a page with three short video clips clearly depicting the difference between (sport boules) volo, petanque and bocce (raffa).
The reason is very simple: in Turkey the three games are part of the same federation: TBBDF (Turkish Bocce, Bowling and Darts federation).

The clips are worth watching: so similar, yet so different! Volo is the equivalent of boule Lyonnaise and also boule Provencale - the forefather of petanque. It makes one understand how, one day, 100 years ago, by merely saying "Let's do away with the running up, and just do it with les pieds tanqués" a completely different game was created.

TBBDF - Volo, Petank ve Raffa Filmleri

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