December 10, 2006

Petanque in Winston-Salem (5)

Even though it's a busy time of the year, 16 players showed up this afternoon.
One drove all the way from Asheboro, highly appreciated.
Aaron brought his charming wife Anya, Tom his home brew :-). Michel, another newcomer (originally from Belgium) who lives only blocks away, put to use his new boules with amazing accuracy. Later on joined Annelies and Sean who had never played, but got into it real fast!
Some of the diehards kept going past sunset.
As usual everyone brought something to eat or drink and a good time was had by all. Especially Terry is our specialist for providing snacks!

Given the mild weather, we are tentatively on again for
Sunday December 17 - 1:30pm - same place.

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mf said...


They guys are ahead of the curve. Literally. I notice they are using a plastic circle, tho not the same ones you see them use in the World Championships.

Philippe, if you can get a hold of the official circles...I am sure a few of us would buy 'em.