December 23, 2006

Indoor clubs

When it gets cold I like to scour the web for petanque clubs with indoor facilities.
Earlier on I wrote something about Asten in Holland.
Here's another example: Wijnegem Petanque Club, close to Antwerp in Belgium.
12 lit outdoor courts + 6 indoor courts.
With an outdoor terrace and - true to Belgian tradition - a cozy bar. Drink and snack sales allow most of these clubs to cover expenses. Plus the possibility to rent the facilities on occasion to outsiders for parties or reunions.
Interesting to see the opening hours:
Mon, Thu & Sun: 1 to 7 pm
Fri: 7 pm to ...
Other days and nights when there are competitions.
As with any club, it takes a few committed volunteers who take care of opening up (and cleaning up) on the fixed days.
They have a nice thing going!

Aerial view

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Jeppy said...

one of these days I hope that there will be an indoor boule-drome for Michigan...

Those look so nice!