November 15, 2006

Anyone in Huntsville AL ?

Ken, who was actively involved in the Detroit pétanque scene, recently moved to Huntsville AL and would love to meet other players.

Right now he practices at Palmer Park in Madison on baseball diamond # 7.

Give him a call at 313-657-7872 or e-mail him.

Palmer Park on Google Maps


Anonymous said...

What is Petanque? We Alabamians don't play fancy French games, we'd rather go out and shoot rabbits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elmer - We're all for shooting rabbits (and pheasants, partriges, quail and anything else that can be made into a pate...). But with our club, you can also shoot couchonets and boules. Check us out at We'd love to have you come to a Saturday of boules! Ken