October 31, 2006

Questions about Canada

Let me start off by stressing that I am very grateful to the Canadian tourists in the US, because they have been instrumental in teaching pétanque to lots of Americans.

But I have a problem with them all the same:
somehow they are convinced that only the heaviest boules are good enough. We are getting more and more calls from folks, mainly in Florida, who want 750 grams and up (preferably 800 grams!) because that's what their Canadian teachers recommend.
Knowing that most champions play with 690 to 730 I wonder where this idea comes from.

Secondly they are suggesting that you should not buy more than two boules, because you will never use the third one. Canada being the only country in the world - as far as I know - where (some) competition boules are sold in pairs.
So what do you do in doubles?

Thirdly: that plain boules are no good.
Yet one out of two boules in France is plain.

Needless to say, this is becoming a headache from an inventory point of view. We love to please everyone and will soon have close to 500 different weight/diameter/pattern/alloy combinations on hand and yet...

Can anyone explain why these misconceptions - in my humble opinion - exist in Canada?

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Anonymous said...

I came accros this article, and I have to say that I have been a bit surprised. Being myself a Canadian player, I rarely see people here play with boules more than 720.

I give myself somme petanque course in winter to seniors and beginners and my advice is always heavy do not make you a better pointer. I preache by exemple and my boules are 680g 73.

So are there some type of Canadian player who play reglary in the USA and who developped a different believes ? I do not have the answer, but one should be carefull not generalize.


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