August 22, 2006

Summer in Bryant Park

It's become almost a tradition that some of us, after the Brooklyn tournament, go to Bryant Park in Manhattan on Monday morning to unwind and play a few games before flying back home.
What a beautiful place. Bystanders watch and wonder. Some join in, some come back and become regulars.
If not for the skyscrapers, the yellow cabs and the array of wireless laptops you'd think you're in a southern French city - say Aix or Avignon.
Frederic Bourret sent us these nice souvenirs below. Especially with the delay of most digital cameras it's not always easy to catch a boule "in flight".


Jeppy said...

Hey! that's Joe Zajac of the Michigan Petanque Club (in the Monkey Shirt).

Peter Galton said...

I have really enjoyed looking at all the sites that are now coming out of the USA. Petanque is a great sport at what ever level you play at. One day I would like to play in the USA.
Peter Galton, Southampton City Petanque Club. England.UK.