August 31, 2006

Bryant Park in the rain

Last weekend were the FPUSA National Doublette championships in NY.
Notwithstanding the pouring rain they kept going and going until dark.

The end results:
1st: Hery Rakotoarivony, Eric Bertin
2rd: Christophe Chambers, Ernesto Santos
3rd: Yngve Biltsted, Franck Petronio
4th: Hans Jepson, Richard "Ti" Meas
Consolante: Franck Labasse, Steve Ginsberg

Thanks to Brian Walsh for the pics, and Ernesto Santos for the info.

Apparently this years Coupe des Amériques in Manhattan on Oct 7 & 8 is shaping up to be a big event. Lots of Canadians are expected!
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