July 3, 2006

La Marseillaise (4)

A big upset in the first round:
the "3 Philippes" - Quintais, Suchaud and Pécoul - who won as a team in 2004 and 2005 got kicked out in the first round by a team called "Battu" - which happens to means "defeated" in French.
This just a week after Philippe Quintais won the National French Title in Limoges.
There goes their dream to equal Foyot, Melis & Authieu who did 3 in a row in '74, 75 & 76.

This is one of the nice aspects of La Marseillaise. Anybody - "Monsieur Tout-le-Monde" as they say in French - can join in for a nominal amount, play against one of the campions and, as in this case, beat them.
The draw is 100 % random. When you sign up you get a team number. The day of the tournament you buy the paper and look up against whom and where you start. Then you look at the map and for the shuttle buses.

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