May 25, 2006

American petanque in Provence (6)

A busy week!
I played with a delightful family from Colorado on an extensive holiday in Provence, and several groups of bikers and hikers. Close to 100 people in all.

What is it about this game? Wherever people come from, whatever their age or background, each time at least one in two gets into it really fast.
I have also noted that golfers are quick learners. They are used to judge distances, to develop a consistent swing and - essential when putting as well - to study the bumps and dimples in the terrain before playing.

Judging by the number of folks who asked me for details about building a court at home it was another good week for petanque in America.

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Jeppy said...

Excellent news Philippe! It is true, many of our new players, who play immediately well, are bowlers, horseshoe and/or bocce players too.

The use of semi-uneven terrain is the next step for my club as the pistes we generally use are pretty flat.