May 19, 2006

American petanque in Provence (4)

Last night I headed west to a beautiful chateau close to Avignon, to meet with a group from many different states, 14 eager players in all.
A bit of rain didn't stop the party: we just headed inside the 18th century "salons" - with chandeliers the size of hot air balloons - for a drink and a chat.
The front yard in this location has quite coarse gravel which worked wonders: as soon as the rain stopped we could play again: no muddy boules, no wiping hands.
For the petanque purists who will no doubt count the amount of boules on the picture: when teaching larger groups I bend the rules a bit and give each team 8, or even 10 boules. That way everyone gets to play.
Some of the participants from NY promised they would join us at BarTabac in Brooklyn on July 16. Vinnie, don't forget!

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